Poop Knife Gag Gift

Amazon.com Price: $19.99 (as of 21/01/2022 15:23 PST- Details)

✅ Be a samurai of the poo poo platter!
✅ Ridiculous gag gift for friends and family, or daily necessity? You decide.



💩 Yes, this is for real!

Do you, your friends, or your family poop big?? Do those logs sometimes need a little help going down? Endlessly spinning poops will mock you from the toilet vortex no more! This knife will chop the most compacted of brownies, the most seasoned of sausages can handle the hardwood of butt logs, the longest of sewer snakes, the most ferocious of bog crocodiles, and the fattest of heaved Havanas.

Never to be mistaken for a box opener again, this poop knife is one of a kind – made from metal-reinforced silicone it is strong, hygienic, and easy to clean. Guaranteed not to turn into a rusty punji stick.

✅ Metal reinforced silicone is strong, hygienic, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe (if you dare)
✅ This will cut poop! Tested on the most ferocious of bog crocodiles without a fight. Curious about what an Original Poop Knife feels like? Imagine a heavy silicone covered butter knife.
✅ Long enough to keep your hand clear of danger in a standard depth toilet