Luxafor Flag LED USB Busy Light Indicator (20 inch Cable) Price: $37.99 (as of 03/12/2021 01:21 PST- Details)

Luxafor signals your colleagues to back off when you’re busy and helps you keep focus on the work you’re doing.

Luxafor Flag isn’t just a status indicator – added features like the timer, pomodoro, or possible integrations with productivity and notification apps, make Luxafor Flag your personal assistant!



Take Control of Your Workday & Time Management | Signal Your Colleagues on When You’re Able to Chat and When You’re Busy | Easily Attaches to Your Monitor, Cubicle or Laptop | Integrates for Visual Notification of Skype for Business Calls (Windows Only) | Customize LED Colors & Brightness | Choose from a Variety of Strobing Patterns |
USB Powered | FREE Software | Mac & PC Compatible | No Need for Batteries or Charging | Portable | Small Size means it Won’t Clutter Your Workspace | Easy Set Up to Alert You To New Emails | Integrates with the Desktime App |

    **This is Luxafor… an LED indicator that lets you control your work day. It shows you notifications at the speed of light and helps you productively plan your day by letting your co-workers know when you’re free to chat and when you’re busy. Our goal is to make your work environment better by eliminating the common problems of today’s modern workplaces. You know… like those moments when your on a roll with a project and suddenly everybody needs to talk to you. Or, the end of a hectic day when you realize you missed important emails. Or just being distracted and unable to focus. These are all things we struggle with. So we’re proud to provide this simple tool to make you more productive by making sure you never miss any information. In its simplest form, Red means you’re busy… and Green means you’re free to chat. But… with 6 RGB LEDs… you can choose a gamut of custom colors, brightnesses, and strobing patterns that match your personality and workflow. The Flag is great for your desk, laptop, or work station. Not only is the Luxafor software a free download for Mac & PC… it’s also easily integrated with your favorite apps like Skype for Business (Windows Only) and Trello. Welcome to productivity. Welcome to Luxafor from Signaworks.**